Abdoulaye Mady NDiaye

Abdoulaye Mady NDiaye




The Operation Transformation LAB facilitates the definition of the Concept of Operation (CONOPS), and the identification of the different Use cases for the defined CONOPS



The Operation Transformation LAB enables the early Validation of Concept (VOC) and the Validation of use scenario in order to anticipate and fix or mitigate any potential certification issues


The Operation Transformation LAB verifies Requirement set consistency and  Identifies capability gaps and missing requirements



The Operation Transformation LAB proposes Tradeoffs, and facilitates decision taking process for the customer and  finally definition of Contractual requirements,

Operations Transformation LAB


The OTL is the primary mean for a customer to set its requirements without having to guess or base them on mere assumptions.

The OTL covers the entire requirement lifecycle process.

The OTL enables to maximize capabilities for a given budget.

The Operation Transformation LAB uses simulation & fast time simulation based on targeted or actual solution performances.

AMN GROUP Solution Engineering Process



The Solution Description Document (SDD) is one of the top input documents of the ANM Group Solution Engineering Process (SEP). The SDD is issued from the AMN Group Strategic Business Plan (SBP) that defines documents and motivates the group domain of focus and resources allocation and removal.

The SDD aims to describe the solutions expected by the market on an emerging domain of interest for AMN GROUP activities and objectives. A solution is the set of Systems, Services and their concept of operation that answers specific needs and that create consistent value or capabilities for a potential AMN GROUP customers.

The counterpart of the SDD is the Solution Validation Document (SVD) that verifies the compliance of the implemented solution on the final stage of the development process.

The Operation Transformation LAB is one of the main streams that feed the SDD as it is a perfect tool to capture customer interactions, experiences and needs.