Abdoulaye Mady NDiaye

Abdoulaye Mady NDiaye



The KS-75-SERIES is a serie of configurable tactical drone platforms

Configurable Tactical Drone Platform

AMN Industries has developed the concept of configurable tactical drone platform in order to achieve the following concurrent goals:



The platform can undertake various missions thanks to its configurability or the variety of its embedded sensors:

  • Electro Optic / Infra Red gamble (EO/IR)
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar / Moving Target Indicator (SAR/MTI)

The ROLL-ON ROLL-OFF capabilities add unprecedented flexibility including SATCOM, training or transport for the same platform.



The KS-45-SERIES demonstrate unmached operational performance in terms of:

  • Endurance
  • Ceilling
  • Range
  • Dash Speed



The ownership cost includes acquisition, maintainance and operation costs. AMN engineering is using a systemic approach to drive all these costs down for a better customer experience.



The AMN Product Policy is a key mean to capitalize knowledge, resources, customer experience and building blocs. It is a powerful way to identify and locate variability out of the main stream of standardized products, into customization devices and means, including:

  • Architectural configuration and verification means
  • Roll On Roll Off and teleloading
  • Configuration devices, files, database and software
  • Stand alone boxes and equipment
  • Mezzanines

Light Weight Aircraft

AMN Industries has the capability to design develop fight test and certify light weight and tactical drones based on customer requirements

The design process entry is:

  • either the direct customer high level specifications,
  • or the system specifications resulting from solution engineering architectural requirement allocations.

This is for instance the case of the KS-75-SERIES of tactical drones resulting from the KS-75- SUITE Solution.

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