Abdoulaye Mady NDiaye

Abdoulaye Mady NDiaye


Training Services

RPAS/UAS/Drone Training 

General Training: Technology, Concept of Operation (CONOPS), Return of Experience (RETEX)

Drone Pilot Licence initial Training

Drone Operator Licence initial Training


Critical Embedded Software Life Cycle

Software Engineering

Software Certification Process


Total Aviation Safety System Approach

Aviation Systems Engineering

Air Traffic Management (ATM) & Ground System Certification

Airborne Complex Systems Certification


Abdoulaye Mady NDIAYE Systems Engineering

Online Training

AMN proposes various Software As A Service (SAAS) including online training

Prime Contract Capability Improvement Services

Go beyond a mere contractual relationship

Ensure that you team up with partners towards successful and timely delivery of the capability you trully need and at the development and ownership cost that your budget can afford

Abdoulaye Mady NDIAYE V Cycle Software Engineering